E-Commerce - RDC Web Store

For my internship's personal project, I chose to re-design the race-dezert.com (RDC) web store. It was a good and fun challenge. The target audience for this project was the off road community, a community who lives and breathes desert racing and want to showcase their support by buying off road related apparel and items.

I started off by doing research. I visited other off road organizations such as, Best in the Desert and SCORE International, and looked at their web stores. Those sites were very similar in user flows so I decided to branch out and looked at other motorsport websites such as Dakar and Red Bull. I then looked at the RDC web store and created an inventory list of items that must be included. Items such as the payment method icons, product categories and apparel I would use for the prototype.

RDC does not have a brand guide, therefore I used the colors from their logo for a color palette. For the font, I chose to use Montserrat because of its readability and the various weight options it comes with. For the Check-out process, I chose to keep it all elements on one screen to eliminate the frustration of the shopper navigating through various screens which would result in no items being purchased. Once I completed the project, I presented it to my class professor, internship mentor and the owner of RDC. In the following months, RDC would update their web store.

Role: Research, Layout and Prototyping.
Software: Figma and Photoshop.