E-Commerce - Godaikin

The Godaikin project was my first Ecommerce UX project. One of the earliest toys I was given when arriving to the states was the GoDaikin Daimos toy. I must have played with it all day long. Now, I wish I could have kept it in its sealed box because it is worth a good sum of money. Godaikin was a line of mecha toys from the early 80's. The target audience for this project are toy collectors in their early 40s - 50s, who focus on vintage mecha toys from Japan.

Research for this project was fun and took me down the nostalgia highway. Collecting high-res images was a challenge, specially trying to find the images of the packaging. I found a site of a toy collector, CollectionDX, who cataloged his collection and contained some high resolution photos, this was very helpful. The toy line marketing ads contained a background gradient and I chose to use it for the design to add that 80's vibe. As for the logo, it was inspired by the Sentai tv shows of its time.

Role: Research, Layout and Prototyping.
Software: Figma, Photoshop and Illustrator.