Smart Fridge UX/UI

The scenario for this project was: a refrigerator manufacturer has contacted you to design and prototype a family-friendly interface for their new Smart Fridge. The required screens had to be created to meet the requirements: 1. Home Interface - containing the refrigerator apps. 2. Recipe List - to browse available recipes. 3. A Recipe - recipe ingredients and instructions.

While doing research I was surprised by the many features the Samsung Smart Refrigerator comes with. In the first iteration, the overall colors I chose were dark and cool. After realizing that these were not friendly colors, I decided to update the design with brighter and warmer colors. I referenced the colors from current iMac marketing ads. I also decided to group similar button functions with a specific color. This brought some organization and hierarchy to the screen's layout.

After some feedback from my Professor and fellow classmates, I removed unnecessary screens between the safe mode and home screen and incorporated a search option in the Recipe List screen in case the user wants a recipe not listed.

Role: Research, Layout and Prototyping.
Software: Adobe XD - Layout and prototyping, Photoshop - Image resizing and color correction.